What is pyschotherapy?

There are many different experiences and events that occur during our lives. Sometimes these events can result in harmful emotions or behaviours, such as anxiety, depression, or addiction. Sometimes there is a cause that we are aware of, for example a traumatic event, or possibly a series of traumatic experiences, such as sustained abuse. Sometimes we may not be aware of a specific event or experience that has caused our harmful emotions or behaviours, but we become aware that life’s day to day problems are becoming overwhelming and difficult to cope with.

Talking therapies provide a safe environment within which we can explore why we are feeling these harmful emotions and discuss problems that we experience. Through talking and exploration of ourselves we can become increasingly self-aware and lessen the impact that our life experiences have on us and become increasingly able to cope with the issues that life throws at us, rather than becoming overwhelmed by them.

Who can I treat?

Below is a list of issues that therapy can help with, however if you cannot see an issue that you wish to explore please get in touch and we can discuss in what way I can help you.
Alcohol abuse
Confidence building
Domestic abuse
Emotional abuse
Personal development
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Relationship issues
Sexual abuse